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Teams Update - May 2024

We’ve made some major updates to our self service team product. Read more about them below

Dashboard Updates (Stats + Export + Visibility)

Admins can now use this toggle on teams dashboard to view only branded shots

Basic stats on invites and completed galleries. Invites refer to personally sent invites, not when users join via link. Also when users are removed from the team, it doesn't affect the old invite.

The new download button on teams dashboard will pack the images and send admins an email with download link. This works as expected for "Only Branded" from above — only branded shots will be downloaded

How employees can share their Favorite Photo

A common request we have for our larger enterprise clients is “How do our employees tell us which photo they most like out of all their saved photos”. This now shows as a double favorite larger image on the dashboard

Join Link Permissions

New link permissions on the members page. The link is always active, but whether it can be used depends on the setting. This allows you as an admin to choose exactly how people get headshots including a fully open option.

The default is only those who have been explicitly invited

Multiple Domains

Admins can now specify more than one email domain, separated by commas

Waitlist and Employee requests to join

Now employees of your company can request to join the team even if they haven’t received an invite. This is a great way to see who in the team wants to get headshots if you’re doing an opt-in onboarding approach.

New "Membership Requests" section, shows people who tried to accept invite but wasn't able to due to lack of seats or mismatched email.

Admins get an email notification and can approve or reject. If the team is out of seats, they'll be redirected to billing

Bulk Import Members via CSV

Invite dialog got a CSV import feature where you could copy-paste or drag&drop a CSV file to import multiple people at the same time.

During the import, you can double-check the data and even uncheck some people from the list (by default, emails that already have been invited will be unchecked)

Removing people from a Team

Admins can now remove people from the team by pressing little X on the member's row. If that person doesn't have an active order, we add back the seat they consumed, otherwise we flag the seat as used. Either way, they'll no longer see this person in the members or dashboard gallery, and the person's branded shoot is going to be untagged and will remain in the gallery. Ideally I'd love to change some stuff about our data model to accommodate for this, but that's a much bigger time investment

Getting employees to save photos

Company members will see this new bar at the top asking them to save 10 or more images. By default the first saved branded image goes there.

The company member can change the favorite by clicking this image and selecting a new one from a modal

Limitations (Remix)

Company photos don't have a Remix button. We did this because doing most of the remix functionality can result in the company custom backgrounds and colors to be changed off what the admin requires.

Deleting unused seats

Admins can now remove people from the team by pressing little X on the member's row. If that person doesn't have an active order, we add back the seat they consumed, otherwise if we trained the AI on their photos their seat will remain used.

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