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From Selfies to Professional Headshots with AI

Our Artificial Intelligence takes 25 of your favorite regular photos (or group photos) and generates hundreds of professional looking headshots in less than an hour.

You can then generate hundreds more using our New Photoshoot Tool or create any style that you want.

AI — speed, flexibility, choice... and pajamas.

I got new headshots after dinner tonight... while wearing my pajamas! [TMI, I know.] #Chief colleague Susan Whittemore's new AI-generated pix looked so fantastic, I had to try it. Spent a half-hour picking out photos on my cell phone and... 💥 BAM! 💥 hundreds of AI-generated headshots were produced, in all setttings, backdrops, and styles. Holy Moley! ...


Tonya J. Long

AI-generated professional headsot

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300+ Professional Headshots

You'll get headshots with with many styles from indoor, outdoor, studio shots. All images will have a professional feel. Expect to get around 20-150 usable images!

100% Money Back Guarantee

About one in twenty of our users do not get great results. If this is the case and you haven't downloaded any images from the gallery you can get your full money back.

Private Gallery

Images are delivered to your private gallery where you can save the images you like the most and export them. You can also share the selected images with your friends or family.

Delivery within 2 hours

No need to try on new clothes, put on make up or visit a location. Upload your pictures from your phone and get your headshots a few hours later.

AI Photo of Adam Karpiak - Jobseeking is hard

"I turn down a lot of promotions. Why? Usually, I don't believe in the value of the product. When I endorse something, I know that there are people who trust me and what I say, and I don't take that lightly. I'm proud of my partnership with Secta... It's a quality product that helps a cause I feel strongly about - helping people network better and find jobs. And getting to know the Secta team only reinforced my decision to work with them. They believe in what they do and stand by their product, wanting to do right by everyone."

Adam Karpiak (515k Followers)

Founder of "Job Seeking is Hard"

40,997 customers! Here's what they say

Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn't answer some of your questions click the live chat and talk to us! We're around 24/7 and should respond quickly

Why is Secta the best?

Because we care about quality and authenticity. We've assembled the best team of AI experts, engineers and customer success people.

We are the first company in the world to offer this service. We've been featured in Forbes, The Washington Post and other publications. We've spent over 1.5 years investing in authentic representation of people regardless of ethnicity or gender.

We know what it takes to get a great photo, and we support you every step of the way: from the most advanced upload experience and fast order processing speed to the unique ability to customize your photos with Remix.

What do you do with my uploads?

We use your photos to finetune a private, personally-tailored AI model for you. The model learns how you look — your facial features, skin tones, and expressions — and uses that information to create a realistic headshot of you. Very much like a professional painter would do.

We keep your originally submitted pictures (especially the ones that didn't make the cut) so that we can learn about how to improve the experience for you and for other users.

Your images are never shared with any 3rd party under any conditions and only used to improve the experience for others in an anonymous manner. Read more in our Privacy Policy

What is the picture quality like?

The quality of the pictures depends on the quality of your uploads. Most people get great results. So good, in fact, that they set them as their LinkedIn profile photos and their colleagues can't tell them apart from professional headshots.

The best way to see the quality is to try Secta for yourself. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the results — no questions asked.

How do I get help?

You can reach out via email to or you can also choose to chat with our team right now. Click here to start a live chat.

We are based in US Central Standard (GMT-6).