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Many of our customers find us after trying other solutions and become loyal fans of our service. They choose us for their authentic, high-quality AI headshots. Here's why!

“After trying 3 other AI generator headshot companies with extremely disappointing results — I was relieved to find Secta AI which blows the competition out of the water. The accuracy of the AI generation was 10x better than any of the other software I used. They have incredible functionality to address our group's needs to have consistent branding across our team. I haven't even explored half of the features but this product is by far the absolute best in the market.”

Eugene Tunitsky

Senior Director, Investments Oppenheimer

Remix Features

Some of our latest features to help you take your generated images to the next level

Generate / Photoshoot

Generate gives you the ability to create a variety of new photos with many different clothing styles, backgrounds or expressions.


Variations enable you to create a bunch of new photos depending on how many changes you want. This is also great for fixing small errors. When making larger changes you can try out different poses, clothing and backgrounds.

Change Expression

Play around with your expression from a generated photo and watch only the expression change while everything else stays the same on the photo.

Expand / Uncrop

Our initial generations focus on getting the face as perfect as possible and sometimes you want the image to be zoomed out slightly for better use on social media and other tools.

Upscale / Resize

We've built a completely custom and very powerful upscaler which can high resolution any of your generated images without damaging your facial resemblance or overly-smoothing your face.

Recolor Images

Recolor enables you play around with different clothing colors, background colors and styles with an image you already really like and without making changes to your face or expression

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