Careers at Secta Labs

Who we are

Secta Labs is the only Authentic AI photography solution that can create high resemblance photos for professional use. We are a team of experienced founders, engineers and product builders.

Our mission is to build a virtual camera for everyone. We’re starting by democratizing the first impression by making professional headshots affordable, instant and available to everyone.

This has taken LinkedIn and the professional world by storm and to date we’ve done over 8million headshots and over 20k+ Users.

Meet the Team

Today we are two co-founders and a senior Engineer who is also our ML Operations lead. We are growing our team slowly and intentionally

  • Marko Jak (Co-Founder) is an entrepreneur and product builder who has been building B2B and B2C products for over 10 years. He has been building products in Artificial Intelligence since 2014. Previously co-founder at Overscore AI (exit in 2016) and co-founder at nFold AI (shutdown 2019) he
  • Alex Kotliarsky (Co-founder and CTO) is a multi-disciplinary engineer who has built products that millions of users have used. Previously at Meta he was part of the React Native core team and built products like the Oculus VR App and Desktop Messenger app. He has held various positions as Principal Engineers, iOS Developer. Alex is unique in his ability to balance exquisitely crafted products that just work while moving quickly.

Open Roles