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Release of our v3 Model


Today we released SectaBasev3 our refined base model based on thousands of customers and our recent tests. 🎉 

This silly looking graph is a culmination of months of work to ensure that we can reliably ship improvements to customers across ethnicities and genders. And we're just getting started as the architecture enables us to move very quickly with improvements and data network effects.

Refund rates have dropped by 50% from ~5% to ~2% and image saved rates have also increased. If you ever had a problem with your previous order and wanted a 50% discount to try out our latest model please reply in comments and I'll send you a DM!

Our thanks to Attica Alexis Jaques Susan Whittemore Nathalie Walton and Katie Mogg from the Wall Street Journal for the encouragement to work on problems and do better with ethnicity representations.

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