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Why our name

The name “Secta” at it’s original intent was to create a path for others to follow. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the nature of knowledge work every day and our mission is to accelerate the creation of the technology that benefits people. To provide a path for others to follow

We believe that Artificial Intelligence is the key driver to the 4th Industrial Revolution and like all disruptive technology it must always be in service of the human being and not the other way around.

Our first product which trains an image model to generate images of you is just one place to start that helps us learn what it takes to translate complex machine learning into something that is in service to the people.

What is the Generated Self?

The generated self is a AI model that is trained to represent you in the most authentic and accurate way so that you can use this as you see fit in the digital world. The first application of our technology is a simple (but useful one) which is to help you create a professional looking image of yourself.

The use cases of being able to visualize yourself in a digital world are endless from integration into e-commerce and to using dynamic images of yourself to adjust to your content

Why “Labs”

We always want to maintain the experimental nature of what we are doing because this gives us the courage to try new things. In many ways life is a grand experiment where we try, fail, pick ourselves up and try again. This doesn’t mean we can’t do things safely and with putting the user first but it represents that we want to take bold risks. You also expect multiple products to come out of a Lab and this is exactly what we’re building towards

Connotations of the word

A word has the meaning of what we choose as a society. We haven’t followed the traditional advice of choosing a startup name that is easy to remember (photoai, headshotsaipro, myheadshots) because we feel this is too small of a representation of our larger vision and the world we are trying to build for our customers. At the core of everything we do is creating value for our customers and technology exists only to serve this need and not the other way around

“Secta” has taken on negative connotations in some cultures as people following a religious leader blindly. This is unfortunate and we didn’t know this when choosing the name but now this is something we need to change.

We see ourselves in the privileged position to humanize AI for everyone. We need to continue working hard to earn this right and trust over a long period of time.

Another definition I recently discovered when writing this article was

When I look at the members in our community this feels somehow very appropriate. We do share a common belief that this is all in the service to the person and their journey.

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